Visiting a new place can be daunting for anyone, especially church. We either come with no preconceived expectations or we come with some background of church or we come from painful experiences - yes - even from church. At FaithWorks AG Church, it is our heart to be the church Jesus intended church to be. A church of love, acceptance and forgiveness; but along with that 'safe'. What we mean by that is we just have one focus here and that is Jesus. We concentrate on the mission that He left us with to love the world and lead people onto the Kingdom of God. We teach simply from the bible in a verse-by-verse method with a focus of making it practical, relevant and useful for your everyday living. Our weekly services are interactive and fun.

The worship is both upbeat and reverent; in fact, we LOVE to worship. At Faithworks you will hear biblically based, positive and practical messages. The messages will motivate and encourage you.

Faith works is a place where color, ethnicity nor economics matter but are welcomed! We are family. We place no value on your age nor are we focused on reaching only one group of people. We believe Jesus came to serve and love all. In addition, we celebrate our personal cultures in the way of Black History Month, Hispanic Heritage Month and we even do an International month, We eat together every Sunday after service and honestly, we look for almost any reason to throw a food party of some sort.

So, if you have not been to church in a while, or church has left a bad impression on you, we invite you to come and try. At Faithworks you can belong before you believe. Some of us just need a safe place and a little time to figure things out. The motto of our fellowship is: "We will make it there together and leave no one behind." About that, we are serious!